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Tatiana Williams
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"Kelly is a phenomenal actress. Her collaboration and ability to evolve a character is instrumental in creating the emotional core of a project. I can't wait to work with her again."

- Herb Sam Soto, Writer/Director of L.A.N.A. Inc. - 1st Place Winner at USH Film Festival '21
"...a STANDOUT for sure!"
- Judy Kain, Keep It Real Acting
"I’ve taught acting in Los Angeles for over 11 years and Kelly stands out amongst the crowd. Her technique is fined tuned and she makes every character fully formed, complex and nuanced."

- Colleen Foy, Stan Kirsch Studios
"...Although all are entertaining, Kelly Nienaltowski's ravenous larva deserves special praise. Last year in the conservatory's effervescent staging of On the Razzle, Nienaltowski was a memorable horse. She apparently has a knack for non-humans."
- Dennis Brown, The Riverfront Times
"(she) deserves a career."

- Coco Kleppinger, Casting Director
"Kelly is wildly talented! She handles commercial copy skillfully, incorporating her own humor and sparkling personality into everything she does. She sails easily between her warm, sincere side and her pitch-perfect comedic side. I'd be comfortable giving her any tone of material; she knocks it all out of the park."

- Rachael Drummond, Stan Kirsch Studios

"I'm always a little relieved when Kelly walks into one of my auditions. As a director, you find some performers that make your job easy and enjoyable. Kelly is one of those performers. She's smart, reliable, and one hell of an actor. I know that any material I give to her is in good hands and I'll always get a top-notch performance."

-Bonnie Hallman, Director of Creative: Mycotoo, Inc 

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