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Los Angeles Based Actor
"...a STANDOUT for sure!"
- Judy Kain, Keep It Real Acting
"...Although all are entertaining, Kelly Nienaltowski's ravenous larva deserves special praise. Last year in the conservatory's effervescent staging of On the Razzle, Nienaltowski was a memorable horse. She apparently has a knack for non-humans."
- Dennis Brown, The Riverfront Times

"I'm always a little relieved when Kelly walks into one of my auditions. As a director, you find some performers that make your job easy and enjoyable. Kelly is one of those performers. She's smart, reliable, and one hell of an actor. I know that any material I give to her is in good hands and I'll always get a top-notch performance."

-Bonnie Hallman, Director of Creative: Mycotoo, Inc